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Yoga styles

Anusara Yoga

Pleasure, playful, deepening and insights

Anusara Yoga is more physically challenging and characterised by a flow of movements. We move from one pose into the next on the rhythm of the breath.

Anusara Yoga is a dynamic style with lots of attention for alignment. In these classes we use the Universal Principles of Alignment. This form of yoga streamlines the body. In a each class we create balance between intensity and rest. You will experience more inner peace and balance. In anusara yoga you will experience the connecting and transforming force of yoga.

Hatha Yoga and Functional Yoga Flow

Restraint, static, slowing down and consciousness

The most commenly known forms of yoga with - mostly - static asanas. Control your body and your balance. Reduce stress through meditation.

These types of yoga are most practised in the werstern wold. It is said that this is the style from which any other yoga style has originated from.

Hatha yoga is the yoga of the sun and the moon. (Ha) Sun and (tha) moon come together and represent action and inner peace. It represents the harmony of the male and female side. Control of both body and breath are essential components in these classes.

Yin Yoga

Groundbreaking, in depth, slow and healing

It's all about making space in your body. This style focusses in depth on the muscles and releases the pelvic area. Perfect for people with deskjobs or any other job that involves a lot of sitting.

Yin yoga is slow and very meditative. Keyword is surrender. We remain 2 to 5 minutes in each asana (no worries there are no obligations to stay in the pose for that long if it doesn't feel right for you). Relaxing the muscles in every asana is very important. We focus mainly on the fascia (connective tissue). With each pose we elongate the fascia in the body and thus create more flexibility. Yin yoga helps prevent injuries and improves your health. Those who practise regularly will find more peace and will be able to handle difficult situations more gracefully. This style can be practised by anyone and is especially relaxing.

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