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My motto: yoga is for everybody! Young or old, stressed out or peaceful by nature, flexibel or rigid... it doesn't matter. It's not about how the pose looks or how deep you can push yourself in a pose... what matters is that you feel good in the pose.

What can yoga do for you?

Unfortunately my glass orb is out of order so I can not predict what it might be like for you. However I can tell you what is had done for me and what it is still doing. It has given me a peace and calm I hadn't experienced before practising yoga. It has created more balance and space, in body and mind. I experience my body more fully, more intensely. I have learned my limits and to respect those limits. Of course I experience all the common known benefits as well: better breathing, a more flexibile and powerfull body, lower blood pressure, better sleep and so on.

Yoga has made me better equiped to deal with life and its occasional setbacks.

I teach classes in different styles. Below you can find more informaton on the different styles and my teaching schedule.

First time in a yogaclass? Come talk to me and let me know if you have any physical difficulties or issues. You can contact me before the class as well.

What do you need? Comforable clothing like loose pants or leggings, a t-shirt or sweater. Everything else like mats, blocks, bolster are all available at the studio.

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