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Wendy Heymans: yogini, masseuse, bon vivant and optimist: that's me in a nutshell!


About 15 years ago I started practising yoga and it's got a hold on me ever since. I simply adore it. There are times when I practice the asanas intensly. There are times when my main focus is on meditation. Yoga is always there, its shape may vary. I hope you'll let me guide you on that beautiful path.

I trained in various styles with several inspiring teachers:

  • hatha yoga: an affiliation in Belgium of The Divine Life Society (2015-2019)

  • anusara and alignement-based yoga: Joachim Meire (owner Yogaloft en co-organisor Yogaland) (2016)

  • yin yoga: Marcel Van de Vis and Anat Geiger (The Fat Yogis) (2016)

  • workshops alignement: Marc St Pierre and Kenny Graham (2016)

  • workshops yoga therapeutics: Katherine Walker (2017)

  • ...

I enjoyed the massage training in 2007 at CVO Aalst. Specialisation: relax massage and Swedisch massage. I graduated with honourable distinction.


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