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You can enjoy 2 types of massages:

  • relax massage

  • Swedisch massage

A relax massage is the most commonly known massage. This massage is a true bliss for body and mind. The entire body gets a luxureous treatment of soft movements alternated by kneading movements. A very efficient way to relax completely.

A Swedisch massage, better known as a classic massage, is much more powerful. This massage improves blood flow, is more intense and detoxes the body. Drinking lots of water before and after the massage is highly recommended. As this massage eliminates lots of toxines you might experience a headache afterwards. Drinking lots of water is necessary to help you eliminate the toxines in your body and avoid the headache afterwards. 

I work exclusevily with bio oils.

Attention: as a massage therapist I only perform professional massages. You can NOT contact me for erotic massages. Any attempt in that direction will end the massage immediatly and the Belgium law will be applied.


Relax massage entire body - 60 min: 50 euro

Relax massage backside of the body - 30 min : 30 euro

Swedisch massage - 90 min: 65 euro

Payments can be made in cash or with payconic. 


Are you looking for a gift experience? Try a massage gift. Stylish coupons are available. Just give me a ring or send me an e-mail.


Groepspraktijk Even, Pastoriehuis, 9470 Denderleeuw

Sportcentrum De Schreef, Sint Jozefstraat 20, 9300 Aalst

Image by Christin Hume
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